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ADDRESSE of foundation:

PHODAR Fondation BULGARIA 1510 Sofia, 55




1. In 2017 the PHODAR Foundation celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the international photography Biennial PHODAR, which is a reason for assessment and reflection. During the past editions the festival has acquired its own unique face/appearance and a clear value system oriented towards genuine vision and thorough problem research. The topics of the recent editions of the competition reflect issues, which are in the focus of modern society. Simultaneously the development of technology and the easy-to-use image processing software attracts more and more amateurs. Given these circumstances, it is reasonable to ask if there is a border, which shouldn’t be crossed in order to preserve the documentary nature of photography? John Szarkowski, a curator at the photography gallery of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, once said: “Photography is a window, but also a mirror. A mirror which reflects the photographer, the situation he is in, his culture, age, preferences, intentions and motivation”. Thus, the 10th edition of PHODAR will be somewhat self-reflective and will deal with the questions which photographers ask themselves. The topic is “Fact, fiction, truth”.

2. The Biennial accepts monochrome and colour digital photographs in JPEG format with a minimum resolution of 3000 pixels on the long side, no larger than 2 MB, or photographs on paper whose longer side is up to 50 cm. The photographs have to be created after the last edition of the PHODAR Biennial in 2015. Information about the series, year of capture, a portrait of the author and a professional CV also need to be sent in a digital format in case the artist is selected to participate and is included in the exhibition catalogue.

3. The collections should be sent via email to:

4. Only for the works on paper:

Write on the back of each photo (in the bottom right corner) the following: name of the work, year of capture, author’s name, address and country, as well as image number and a display scheme for works which are part of a series/cycle (for participation in the second and third section). The visual and textual information should have a digital copy on CD or DVD for the festival archive. The collections should be sent by registered post (without declared value) to the following address: PO Box 55, Sofia 1510, Bulgaria. Please label all solid packaging to ease their return. The pack should not exceed 2 kg. The transportation costs are covered in full (in both directions) by the author.

NOTE: The organizers can’t be held liable for damages or losses caused by the provider of the postal services.


SECTION I includes series of 5–12 digital photographs with a coherent feel.

SECTION II includes series of 5–12 photographs with a coherent feel, printed on paper.

SECTION III – PHOTOSCHOOL - is for students or photographers at an early stage in their careers. They can send photographs meeting the requirements for the first or second section, but on the back of each hard copy or in the information for the digital collection the author must write “Photo School”.

6. Every author has the right to participate in one of the three sections with one series.

7. The organizers of the PHODAR BIENNIAL reserve the right to use the submitted works to advertise the event.


Grand Prix – 750 Euro

Award for Humanistic Photography – 500 Euro

Award in Section I – 400 Euro

Award in Section II – 300 Euro

Award in Section III – 200 Euro

The awarded works printed on paper copies remain property of the PHODAR BIENNIAL.

9. Calendar of the 10th PHODAR BIENNIAL:

  • Deadline for applications – February 28th, 2017 (date of arrival of the package at the organizers)
  • Jury session – 12-13 March 2017
  • Exhibition – 28 April – 28 May 2017 at Iliya Beshkov Gallery in Pleven. Opening: April 28th at 6:30pm

The exhibition will be accompanied by solo and group exhibitions and a seminar on the topic “Fact, fiction, truth”.

International jury